St Thomas Street, Bristol

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St Thomas Street, Bristol


Farrans Construction

Scope of Work

The construction of a pre cast concrete framed multi storey building.  The construction took place on a confined site located in the City centre.

The adjacent building houses the main servers for the Vodaphone uk network.  The new building was integrated with the adjacent building so it was necessary to build bridges supported by lower level cantilever bridges spanning over the existing building.

Protection platforms were needed to be installed over infrastructure plant.

A new district heating project was underway during the construction process, scaffolding and building work had to be coordinated with the excavation works.  

During the project it was necessary for a 8m wide bridge to be installed under a 28m high scaffold to enable services to be installed into the building.  This was achieved by single line High Depth 1.330m Asterix Beams.    

Scaffolding work supplied included: –

Designed scaffolding structure built with fully boarded 2m lifts enabling access to install metsec framework and exterior finishes.

The Scaffolding had to be tied in at each floor level, therefore ties occurred at mid lift height.  Magnum design incorporated double inside standards at tie locations.  This transferred tie loads back to the scaffold node points above and below enabling the working lift to remain free of bracing obstructions.

The scaffolding was constructed with van Thiel Structural Transoms enabling the scaffolding to be built with ledger bracing omitted.  This enabled the construction of the building to be carried out more efficiently.

The scaffolding was arranged with three inside boards, two of which were progressively removed during the progress of the works.  This was achieved by utilising van Thiel System Transoms which have adjustable inside board bearers, making the adaption efficient and safe.

Extensive Bridging, including Cantilevered Bridges supporting higher level bridges were incorporated into the scaffolding.

Stair and Loading Towers


Protection Scaffolding to adjacent building plant and equipment

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