Redcliffe Quarter, Phase 2

Scaffolding Redcliffe Quarter


Redcliffe Quarter, Phase 2


Galliford Try Construction

Scope of Work

The construction of a precast concrete framed multi storey building. The construction took place on a confined site located in the City centre.

The construction work was sensitive, Phase 2 was attached and integrated with phase 1 into which residents had moved in.

One elevation of the building had to be constructed over the existing residential building. This scaffolding was cantilevered out and around the corner of the new building, over the existing building.

Scaffolding work supplied included: –

  • Designed scaffolding structure built with fully boarded 2m lifts enabling access to install metsec framework and exterior finishes.
  • Perimeter Edge Protection
  • Scaffold hung down from the roof, over existing residential property.
  • Scaffolding built of Cantilevered Bridges.
  • Proprietary Stair and Loading Towers
  • Designed Loading Towers
  • Birdcages
  • Heavy duty Loading platforms to enable distribution of materials from the hoist.

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