Lakeshore, Hengrove, Bristol

Scaffolding Lakeshore, Hengrove, Bristol




WRW Construction

Scope of Work

The Construction of a new multi story living accomodation, a cast insitu concrete frame with infill panels and external cladding.  The new building was built off an existing pre cast concrete frame of a multi story car park.

The Car Park remained in use by the residents of an adjacent existing residential block.  The scaffolding had to be designed and constructed to protect the residents access routes.

The ground to the front of the development was unstable.  Ten lifts of scaffolding were built with the outside standards suspended and cantilevered from the inside standards which were secured to the existing car park frame. 

Scaffolding work supplied included: –

Access scaffolding for raising the pre cast concrete frame, wall systems and Timber Cladding.  Incorporated within the scaffolding were extensive bridges and public protection.

  • Stair Towers.
  • Multi Lift Loading Towers
  • Disabled Ramps
  • Edge Protection
  • Lay Downs over voids
  • Demolition Access Scaffolding

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