Van Thiel Transoms

February 25, 2021 2:49 pm Published by

Magnum has invested in van Thiel “Structural” and “System adjustable board bearing” Transoms. 


This enables significant benefits to the user of scaffolding enabling the omission of Ledger bracing allowing free access to working lifts.  Class B load class throughout.

The adjustable “System” board bearing Transoms support up to three inside boards, which are supported from an adjustable bearer making adaptions to suit the interface with the building as work progresses safe and efficient.  Ease of adaption, inside boards can be removed and support extenders simply slide away from the building.

Inside boards will support loads of up to 3.0kn/m2 so they can also be utilised as part of the working lift.

Materials are easily stored, and manual handling is reduced due to fewer components.

Wedge couplers provide a simple and very strong connection of joints in ledgers and standards and reduce the possibility of repetitive strain injuries.

The Transoms are manufactured to internationally recognised standards.

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