Software Migration

April 17, 2018 11:14 am Published by

Magnum has migrated company software and data from being held on local servers to a cloud-based system. 

As well as increased security and efficiency, the new system offers significant advantages to improve the process of communication with employees, customers and suppliers.

One significant advantage is that Safety and Commercial information relevant to a customer’s Contract will be available for Scaffolding Supervisors and Customer stakeholders to access, at any time, from their own computer or remote devices.

The appropriate level of access privilege can be set individually for each stakeholder.

The following information will be available: –

Health Safety.

Rams, Handovers, Design Details and Safety Reports (Hand Arm Vibration and PPE etc) General and Site-specific, Customer SOPs


Work Records and Instructions etc

It will be possible to present the information to suit customer requirements and policies.


Magnum anticipates significant benefits to the management process of the contract including communication and Safety due to the immediate availability of pertinent information, Design, Safety and Operational to all customer stakeholders.

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