New Tie Tester And Tie Testing Process

June 17, 2021 3:53 pm Published by

Magnum are pleased to have purchased a new M2000 Pro Metric Digital Tie Tester.

The tester enables Magnum to confirm the holding power of anchors in all the most common construction materials.  The kit also comprises all the necessary accessories to enable a pull test to be completed on a comprehensive range of fixings.

The holding time of the tie test can be adjusted to suit site conditions or customer TW policies.

The machine is compatible with the latest Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital System.  The machine is Bluetooth enabled and connects to a remote device.  All details of the testing are then automatically recorded by the remote device. 

The reports include all test information including, pass/fail, visual results graph, site location co-ordinates, date and time of test.  Notes images and photos taken on site can also be included.

Tie Test results and reports are then available from a remote online dashboard.  Customers can be given access to the cloud portal, where they are stored, to enable them to review the outcome of testing on their project or alternatively reports can be emailed directly to the customer.

The dashboard also contains all essential information, including the Device Calibration Date, company users and licences, and a GPS map of all test sites.

Magnum are pleased that this is significant advance in the method of recording tie test results and the maintenance of safety and testing records.


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