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To comply with current standards and to increase efficiency, Magnum Scaffolding (Contracts) Limited has developed and invested in an extensive portfolio of standard generic designs.


The design portfolio enables Magnum to: –

Apply, understand and price nonstandard design solutions, including confirmation of a specific Design references within Quotation specifications, at Tender Stage

Include design drawings for many nonstandard scaffolding features within the Rams, reducing on site design time and requirements

In many cases, respond and provide a solution to a customer nonstandard scaffolding requirement that may be identified during the progress of a live project,

implement an existing generic design solution without out design delay, with consequential programme benefits.


Scaffolding Supervisors can access the design information, which is included within the “Supervisors Information Pack” either directly from their remote devices or if connected to the internet from cloud stored copies. 

This often enables and empowers Scaffolding Supervisors to include nonstandard design solutions to resolve design issues that are identified during a scaffolding build.  They can do this with confidence that they are following current standards, guidance and regulations. 


Magnum has developed generic design solutions for: –

Birdcages, Crash Decks and Dead Shores

Scaffolding Bridges

Edge Protection.  Multiple arrangements covered.

Free Standing Scaffolding

Independent Physically tied scaffolding, that is to be tied at nonstandard tie centres

Lay Down Scaffolding.  Off slabs, off and under steel.

Lift Shaft

Loading Towers.  Built at an angle, multi lift and various plan sizes.

Miscellaneous.  Cantilever Spurs, Lifting Points, Truss Racks, Public Access Gantry, Propping

Staircases.  Proprietary Units and Stair Treads.

Edge Protection must comply to EN13374

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