Layher Loading Towers

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Magnum’s preference for the construction of Loading Towers is by the utilisation of Proprietary equipment.  Magnum has for many years utilised Layher Stair Towers but their choice for the construction of Loading Towers has always been Haki.   

Magnum has now expanded their stock of Layher, to include Loading Tower equipment.


Using standard components, towers of various plan sizes can be constructed up to a 20kN/m2 load class.

The Towers are specially designed and developed to preserve the safety of site workers and eliminate the risk of falls from height involving either materials or personnel. 

 Steel plant decking to eliminate the risk of slips and trips.

 Most configurations allow for only four supporting standards, therefore enable very quick to erection, dismantle and repositioning.

 Platforms to service multi levels can be built efficiently significantly reding the requirement of beams, lacing, bracing and fittings.  2m lift multi lift towers are possible.

Adaptable and can be incorporated with any types of scaffold.

As well as manufacturers instructions, Magnum has a suit of generic designs available to suit most applications including towers set at an angle to the scaffolding and directly to the face of the building.

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