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Many users may be unaware that Edge Protection must be designed to comply with the requirements of EN13374.  The regulations identify requirements for edge protection, organised into three different classes, Class A, Class B and Class C.

Class B and Class C (more than a 10-degree slope) type edge protection, must be tested in laboratory conditions, therefore they can usually only be currently achieved by utilising proprietary equipment.


Class A edge protection, suitable for up the 10-degree slope, can be designed and there is no requirement to test.  There is no industry guidance available that identifies a suitable arrangement of edge protection built from tube and fittings, that complies with current regulations.  The NASC are currently endeavouring to produce Safety and Technical guidance that identifies a scaffolding arrangement that complies with current regulations.


To address this situation, and to ensure compliance to current regulations, Magnum Scaffolding has invested and developed a range of compliant designs for edge protection to suit various situations as follows: –

Secured to Universal Beams.

Secured to Universal Beams and Universal Columns.

Secured to Universal Columns and Punched of the floor.

Secured to parapets

Built from Edge Protection Brackets.

                Shear Tied with Concrete Screw Bolts

                Mechanically tied with Tec Screws

Built off Floors or Stairs with Post Support Brackets

Shear Tied with Concrete Screw Bolts

                Mechanically tied with Tec Screws

Free Standing.  Spanning between tie points of up to 8m.


All the designs include toe boards, as well as options for the installation of Double or Triple Rail and for the installation of netting. 

The design process is complex as each arrangement creates the requirement for different puncheon spacings and maximum height.


Each arrangement of edge protection applies a different load to the permanent building, which should be considered by the Structural Engineer to ensure the integrity of the building to manage the proposed imposed loads.


Specifications for edge protection included within Magnum Quotations will always specifically describe the arrangement of edge protection solution being offered and will include reference to a specific design reference.


Magnum has also created a design for the arrangement of a visual barrier, a nonstandard arrangement of scaffolding, which should also be designed. 

Many scaffolders and users do not recognise this requirement and refer to the provision of “A Frames” which may not be designed and therefore would not comply to current regulations.


If you would need help or advice on identifying a suitable arrangement of edge protection or any other nonstandard scaffolding design feature for any project, please do not hesitate contacting Magnum Scaffolding who would be pleased to assist.






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