Cloud Based Scaffolding Inspection Portal

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Magnum has revolutionised health & safety reporting in their business and for their customers by using a visible tagging system to supplement inspection reports. 

Although tagging systems are not a legal requirement, the law does require an inspection of temporary works and the issue of a report by a competent person on a minimum of a weekly basis.  

Magnum utilises electronic inspection devices, which have been designed with collaboration in mind, ensuring everyone has access to the latest inspection information. The most sophisticated device displays a visual 7-day countdown timer to ensure a weekly inspection of the works are never missed.

Using a visible device to supplement inspection reports is a useful way of ensuring those who need to access the works know that it has been inspected and is safe to use.  This critical information is clearly displayed on the electronic device, which is fixed to the temporary works. The device displays a visual indication, notifying the user how many days until the next inspection. As a result, safety is always maintained.

The device even displays a flashing red light if the device has been failed i.e., the temporary works has been deemed unsafe.

Scaffolding Inspection Technology

Temporary works inspections are carried out using an app which is available to anyone involved with the Scaffolding including the actual users i.e. Bricklayers or Cladders.   

When the tag device is scanned for an inspection, the app enables the population of a clear and simple inspection checklist.   Drop down and comment boxes can be selected and populated to enable the efficient and accurate recording of the outcome of the inspection.

The inspection portal is a fully web-based interface, allowing collaboration between all parties involved with the scaffolding contract works.

Instantly, inspection information can be accessed by anyone associated with a project. The cloud-based portal (accessed from a web browser) allows all authorised users to view or download full inspection  information. 

The portal can be used as an effective temporary works management tool. 

Anything can be tagged so Magnum has expanded the use of cloud based inspection process, using the system to manage the inspection of Personal Fall Protection Equipment,  daily personal PPE checks, Vehicles Inspections and Pre Use Inspections of Plant and Equipment i.e. Gin Wheels or Power Tools.


Cloud Scaffolding Inspection Technology

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