Magnum have invested in equipment that offers significant safety and efficiency benefits to customers.   

The majority of Scaffolding Contractors predominantly use traditional Tube, Fittings and Boards to build scaffolding, independents, Towers, Birdcages and Temporary Roofs. 

To improve efficiency and safety, Magnum have invested and where practically possible, use Proprietary Scaffolding equipment and systems to build scaffolding.

Due to their commitment to the highest standards of safety, Magnum has made substantial investment in proprietary scaffolding equipment and is able to achieve increased levels of Safety and efficiency to the benefit of both their employees and scaffolding end users.


Van Thiel Scaffolding Equipment

  • Full compliance with the 2005 Work at Height Regulations
  • Ledger bracing may be omitted.
  • Shorter tube – less weight, reduced risk of manual handling injury
  • Transoms support up to three inside boards.
  • Inside boards will support loads up to 2.5kn/m2 so they can be used as a working lift
  • Ease of adaption, inside boards can be removed and support extenders simply slide away from the building.
  • Ease of material storage and handling
  • Fewer components
  • Simple and very strong connection of joints in ledgers and standards
  • Interchangeable with traditional tube
  • Manufactured to internationally recognised standards.
  • Class B fittings throughout

Temporary Roof Systems

Magnum erect temporary roofs using the Haki 750 roll out method where the whole roof structure is built progressively and then moved into position on a track way, the scaffolding team always build the roof from a safe place of work.  All materials are mechanically hoisted to height to reduce manual handling.  Can you afford to employ a company that works to less safe working methods?

The innovative HAKITEC 750 Roof System is the first choice for static, mobile or crane lifted structures.

The HAKITEC 750 Roofing System can be tailored to any structure and is lightweight, safe, fast and easy to erect, providing maximum protection against the elements or helping to contain hazardous materials.

  • Very effective weatherproof seal
  • Safer. The HAKITEC 750 features totally safe erection methods using collective fall prevention.
  • Faster. Up to five times faster to install than traditional structures.
  • Fewer components compared to other systems.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle.
  • Economical
  • Reduces programme times.
  • Compatible with all types or scaffolding
  • Can be moved quickly and easily.
  • Versatile – ridged/mono-pitch or polygonal roofs.
  • Adaptable to suit specific structures and requirements.
  • Equally effective for large or small spans
  • Can accommodate planned and unplanned openings to the work area as required.