70 Redcliffe Street, Bristol.

70 Redcliffe Street, Bristol.


P J E Business

Scope of Work.

Scaffolding for the refurbishment of a building in a busy area of Central Bristol.  The purpose of the scaffolding, external decorations and replacement windows. 

Scaffolding work supplied included: –

  • The customers safety administration and conformance responsibilities have been simplified by utilising Magnums digital, cloud based handover, inspection and tie testing processes.
  • Structural Transoms were used in the build of the scaffolding, this allows the omission of Ledger Bracing, enabling users unobstructed access to the working lifts.
  • Built off of the pavement with a public walkway gantry with full public protection, double boarded lift with impermeable infill.  Magnum installed the Tube Protection Foam, Lights and built the standards off Treada Plates.
  • A 450 bridge, has been built to support the scaffolding over a vehicle access route.
  • Full design compliance certification, produced from TG20:21 were provided to the customer with the Rams, before work commenced on site.




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